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Used needles must be placed in a puncture resistant, labeled,  sharps container and disposed of by a licensed medical waste company.

Many times improperly disposed of used needles, and medical waste are disposed of in dumpsters, trash or along the road. 

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Illegal drug use, in some cases, results in large amounts of used needles being left in apartments, homes, abandoned structures and motel rooms.   Used Needles

In these cases, specialized companies should be contacted to package used sharps and medical waste, and insure disposal by a licensed medical waste company.  Companies packaging and disposing of sharps and medical waste should be:  1)Trained in the use of personal protective equipment, universal precautions and hazardous materials; 2) fully insured; and 3) have commercial vehicles which meet State, local and Federal regulations.  Packaging & Disposal of Used Needles


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Used Needles

Illegally dumped used needles & medical waste pose serious health risk


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 Used needles must be packaged in puncture resistant sharps containers and be disposed of as medical waste.